Windows and Wings

by inks

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this record was written as an experiment to see how few words and how little time could constitute a decent piece of work. each song was written during the 20-30 minutes i took for lunch in the afternoon. when my lunch was finished, so was the song.


released December 11, 2008

produced by joe brindley
engineered by devin delaney
mixed and mastered by joe brindley and devin delaney




Stars Regardless Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: No One Wants to Live There
here's a house
it burned to the ground one day
but thank God no one was home
now no one wants to live there
Track Name: Bright and Early
what time is it now?
its time to go.
teeth in the window and they're grinning
we race from the light but the sun is winning

what time is it now?
its time to go.
jaws in the window and they're singing
we'd better blast off from this thing

it's too bright to be this early
Track Name: Somebody's Sleeping
somebody's sleeping
she says she's super-tired
then curls up in a blanket
then we say, "goodnight"
I won't be too loud

somebody's sleeping
its early and its cold
the trees are barely breathing
but hers is soft and slow
I won't be too loud

somebody's sleeping
why's it never me
now the clock is beeping
I guess we'll never see
I won't be too loud
Track Name: I Made You a House
I made you a house of muscle-red clay with tunnels and doors for us all to play, and a nest for mother to bury her eggs. Its all I can do to thank you.

I made you a house with my own two paws, with a roof to keep out those kitty-cat claws. On a pole in the ground, in a hole in the wall, it's all I can do to thank you.
Track Name: Good Orion, Stay
there's water in the snow
something tells me spring is coming
but I can't let go

look at how the river flows
breaking from the frost to living
it's breathing down your nose

good Orion, stay, and I'll keep you company

air it sighs, air it moans
and steps aside to watch the tiny greens
pushing up on tippy-toes
its breathing down your nose

I'm not ready just yet
Track Name: The Glow
there's that hawk again
it landed on a twig
its amazing
something so small holding such a big thing

oh, its eyes are huge
and when they glow it reminds me of you

there's that hawk again
a carcass in its claws
its terrifying
something so big being this close

up in the sky it should be
not down on this planet with me