Whispering Earth

by Stars Regardless



released October 10, 2010

Joe Brindley - drums.track 8
Rachel Morey - bassoon.track 9
Emily Peal - vocals.track 6, 11, 13
Steven Rodgers - vibraphone.track 3, 5, 9
marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel.track 9

Mastered by Aaron Bastinelli
Artwork by Zoe-Ruth Erwin
Handwritten Text by Adam Deal



all rights reserved


Stars Regardless Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Cornered Animal
She saw my face when I broke from her legs
and she screamed and held me
She saw my teeth when they broke from my mouth
and she held me when I screamed

She saw my blood when it broke from my body
and she stared, not angry
just confused, like a cornered animal

She saw my wrist when it broke from my arm
and she held me when I screamed
I saw her heart when it broke from her chest
and she screamed and held me

She saw my face when I pulled away
and she weeped, not sorry
just confused, like a cornered animal
Track Name: Carnivores
My darling little crickets
chirping for the flesh
the flesh that they've been hungry for
for years

I told my little crickets how they'd struggle to survive,
being carnivores and all, because of their size

Hear them singing sweetly
after all, I set them free to do anything
and everything they please

When did this stop being fun?
The spectacle has only just begun.
Track Name: Little Hearts in the Dark
Swing, swing, swing little trunks
March, march, march little feet
Blow, blow, blow little horns

Your drums won't stop beating, like little hearts in the dark.

Glow, glow, glow little light
Burn, burn, burn little spark
Smile, smile, smile little skulls

I'm going to enjoy your little hearts in the dark
Track Name: Black, Black, Black
Everything's dark now: the ash in the sky, and the ash on the floor, and the rain pouring down. Where its mud, its sucking like quicksand. Where its dry I can hardly stand.

We're falling down the hole we drilled in the head of the mountain.
Falling to the center of the earth, where we will not survive.
Falling where we buried our hearts, where the light turns around and retreats.
Down here its black.

I try to climb out.
The rocks keep slipping in my hands.
They bite at my feet.
There are skulls in the quicksand.
Track Name: I'm Going to Burn in Hell for This
Got a big enough cage, and the bait is all set. You'll flock to your dooms in charter or private jets. The sea is such a beautiful place to waste on your billions of bodies. Please, though, try not to make a mess.

I'm going to burn in hell for this.
I'm sure going to burn in hell.

Slicing the strings of all you marionettes, then burn all the wood to hide the sun from any surviving generations. And maybe in a million years, I'll blow it all away. Once all your bones turn to dust and decay.

I'm going to burn in hell for this.
I'm sure going to burn in hell.

You scraped off my skin and melted it into glass. Although it runs in the sunlight you still keep shoveling fast. I cannot take this lying down. I will not take this lying down.

I'm going to burn in hell for this.
I'm sure going to burn in hell.

A child could see through your tricks. My heart did not skip a beat until it capped off your walking stick.
Track Name: Spectacle
When did this stop being fun?

The spectacle has only just begun.
Track Name: Creek
You were about to leave when the clouds dissolved to rain. Your lover's car was in the way, in puddle. The air was thick like paint, opaque and vaguely colored. In the corner of the porch, you shivered and huddled.

The creek was about to burst, but we feared nothing.

It destroyed the timid soil. It pushed it to the bottom. You cried like you forgot. The house broke from the groud and slid back toward the river. It boiled and shivered, though it was just water.

All this rain, and not a drop to drink.

The creek was about to burst, but we feared nothing.
Track Name: I Thought It Was Snowing
I thought it was cold
I thought it was snowing
but it was neither one of those
when the legs turned out to be just bedposts
and the window, a face a minute before

when I called your name down the hall you came
but the room still glowed that you left

I thought all my bones
had hollowed and grown feathers to cover my skin
you whispered that dreams were just dreams
and to take stock in all you can see

now you've let me down for the last time, mister
I don't think I'll be waking up soon
til the moon gets so round that her clothes don't fit her
and the snow fills the view from my room
Track Name: Finally, Our Own Little Plot of Land
I hear them whispering
wishing horrible things upon me
what did I do?

The water flows right where it should.
The trees arent' soldiers, just wood.

We'd hold you closer if only we could.

You had a bad dream
You had a bad night
Let's take a walk where its safe
Track Name: Maybe in a Million Years
Maybe in a million years we will finally see our shadows
The light from the moon and the stars and the flames will combine
Will the clouds ever part over this land?
Will some better card be dealt for the surviving generation's hand?

Maybe in a million years we'll laugh until we shudder
The new world is peaking out from all the rubble and slime
Look at us growing, look at us now
No one will believe that we built the fog in this wasteland

Maybe in a million years the sky will crumble down
And we'll run and we'll scream with delight from this perfect escape
My heart is calm here in the dark
Don't ever wake me or this dream will be gone
Track Name: Natural Light
If lightning doesn't strike, how will we find the ground? From the top of this winding stair, its endless.
When all the oil ran out, the panic spread. And the overwhelming desire to be better prepared.

All we need is just a little natural light to guide us down.

When the dams collapsed all hell broke loose. We searched for higher ground to stand on.
When all the dust rose up and stole the day, we breathed through gas mask hands to keep awake.

All we need is just a little natural light to guide us down.

This match is all we have to see by. We'd better keep it dry. Soon the flood will push back, but its best if we stay quiet. I don't think she knows we survived.