wish, pt. 1

by Stars Regardless



released February 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Stars Regardless Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: ice land
nothing by the frost on my fingers
is carried home
could’ve had a more productive day from bed
eager to get back out there
marching sun
ain’t marching so far these days
not yet used to this shadowless place
ice hangs from my sleeping breath
night holds a curtain up
air promising nothing
nothing but a bundle of sticks and twigs
is left to burn
could’ve let the whole house up for warmth
easier done than said
lakes to the south carry birds’ cries
across the frozen ground
new life becoming predator and prey
day becoming night becoming day
Track Name: even though i know it's there
in fear of walking too far
we turn and look for the path we took
not even the smoke of the house
is visible in this growth
farther down, somewhere, stands a clearing
we’d seen it from the window
it’d be nice to house the horse we found
but I can’t see it here
even though I know it’s there
Track Name: listener
age drives my thoughts to boring places
seasons my words with courtesy
my hands shake when they're not making something
my nose yearns for wood smoke and rotting leaves
let me listen
i'd like to be a listener
to mammals in the woods over engines on the roads
let me listen
the knots in my shoulders coil like vines around a tree
my teeth grind from keeping quiet
my head yells words that my tongue shan't repeat
because my light lives in a jar on a string
let me listen
i'd like to be a listener
to chitters in the nighttime over screeches in the park
let me listen
it doesn't have to be loud
sometimes the quiet noises are the most profound
it doesn't even need to make sound
the sun could talk until my ears fell off
let me listen
i'd like to be a listener
i'd like to hear your voice
Track Name: dream land
here they all act different then i'm used to
wasps gather in towers with arms reaching over
battlements of moose and bear
creaking and crying in the wind
i'd like to know you better
perched on the shoulders of a bobcat tree
a birchling takes its first flight and flutters down
avoids a herd of grazing oaks passing through
i'd like to know you better
hair leaves and beetles mat the forest floor
not a birdsong to be heard
the wails of wood and photosynthetic beings
fill the air with unfamiliar singing
i'd like to know you better
Track Name: i want to be everything
when i grow up i want to be an oak tree
with bark as thick as armor and a sprawling canopy
when i grow up i want to be a tiny snake
burrowed in the soil until the spring awakes
i want to be everything
i want to breathe underwater
i want to fly above the ground
i want to see into the darkness
when you trample through the bushes
i want to be trodden on
i want my leaves to make my breakfast
when the sun is on
i want to be everything
once i die i will come back as worm poop and mushroom food
slow and steady i will find a place as part of everything
Track Name: limping trail
found spring
we brought it inside
and we warmed it
washed it
left it by the window to dry
but it snuck out
lifted the latch
and it slipped out
limping trail through the snow
gone now
but likely to return
Track Name: what we lost
we thought we knew how the weather worked
when it could be stern, or kind to us
we had it all written down, but the books are gone
since lightning took the house
we tried to explain it away, and it worked for awhile
until the winter came charging
there is no fire we can fuel that can warm us deep enough
to release the things we don’t got
i can’t begin to name what we lost
inside it’s cold and dark and bare
the walls reflect moonlight
but that should be my tv there
Track Name: bright land
my face is wet from the fog in the morning
i think i swallowed spiders in my sleep
reaching down from space
a blue sky filters through
can i get an amen?
underneath the slowly passing sun
larks and finches flicker
old growth sheltering and testing the strength of
uninitiated youth
some day i'll die
some day the sunlight won't thrill me
unplanned end of the walk i took
naked body, face in the air
looking up maybe for the last time
i hope i can return before i'm dead
gone off into the wild bright land
hoping for a predator to find me
to take my flesh as food
Track Name: wish
there is not a place that i call mine
there is not a door with a hole where i sleep
there is not a bridge to the river where i get my water
there is not a path lined with fallen trees
there is only a wish
Track Name: green land
something called my name
looking out i see nothing
everything around don't have a mouth
everyone don't care what i'm called
pines shudder when i knock on their hides
in the distance i hear it echo
nosing up over hills into my ears
groaning over fallen trunks, grinding against resting rocks
landing on the branches above
again i heard the label my parents gave
northward i turned my head and walked
the toes of the mountains wiggled as i approached
sleeping giants in this green land know me