The Cranberry Fox EP

by Stars Regardless



written december 23 and 25, 2009
recorded december 25, 2009
mixed december 25 and 26, 2009
art by stars regardless
text by emily peal


released December 30, 2009

mike agentis - everything



all rights reserved


Stars Regardless Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Icicle Island
lost my
lucky sweater
i can't see two feet past my nose
waiting for
all the smoke to clear
never took this long in the books i read
take me off this
icicle island
somebody could lose an eye
the trophies we hold
our trophies for living
being alive on this thing
every car is a
mound of snow
icy air curls my breath
silent walkers
steaming in the
entryways of late night diners
Track Name: The Best Hours of the Year
tigers running free
humming bees and cranberries
everything i see is just as i want
bright and sparkling snowflakes building up the snow
elephants in sweaters, their breath steaming
sleepily the mountain speaks and kisses my face
the sunlight tells me i was dreaming
heavy blankets, heavy pillows
only open faster the sleepy gates
unless i feel a pull upon my wrist
returning me to her
savoring the shadows in mu skull i'll be
of course i'll try my best. this
feeling in my heart is overwhelming
tigers running free
humming bees and sycamore trees
every i see is just as i want
yellow though the sun may be
even through the olive leaves
adventures take me where you please
release me back here at the end
Track Name: Every Day Is the Loneliest Day
have a nice trip
i hope i see you next fall
bet they won't be saying that for long
every eye is peeled as you
reach out and evaporate
newspapers calling out your name
america is saved
thoughts of a golden world float through your head
everyone hands you something to sign
comics and lunchboxes stalk like the dead
reporters reporting, but there's nothing to say, because
all of the danger is gone
no one will mess with a real super hero
but nobody notices his mild-mannered alter ego
every eye is peeled as you
reach up and incinerate
radios and televisions sing
you will destroy our suffering
for years you held your secrets in your pocket
only you could see them with your
x-ray vision